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Welcome to the Grau Ranch Web site! The Grau ranching operation of Grady, New Mexico began 1907 when early pioneer C.A. Grau migrated there to the plains of eastern New Mexico in a covered wagon. In 1965 a complete change in the program was made with the introduction of Charolais, and one of the most progressive performance programs of the breed was started. Since that time Grau Charolais has gained nation-wide recognition for an outstanding performance-oriented breeding program by using selected genetics. Combined management of A.L. Grau and his sons Wesley and Lane have supplied thousands of bulls and heifers to progressive minded stockmen all over the North America.

"Grau bulls are the highest quality grade testing Charolais bulls ever tested here at Bovigen!" -Dustin Dean of Bovigen
Call or come by for your proven Profit Makers!
         • Excellent selection of moderate-framed, thick-made, efficient bulls.

• Super quality registered heifers and cows available.

         • Linebred, predictable, easy-calving, performance Charolais since 1955.  
We have Ranch Broadmares. Call Wesley at 575-760-7304.
Grau Charolais - breeding traits you can count on:
• Fertility
• Good Temperament
• Excellent Growth Rate
• Excellent Feed Utilization
• Structure Soundness
• Calving Ease
• Concentrated Genes (Optimum Hybrid Vigor)
• Milking Ability
• Eye Appeal
• Longevity
• Uniformity
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Grau Charolais
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In the Media
Wesley Grau was recently awarded "Cattleman of the Year". Click here to read the full article.